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 Seascape Orkney 
 Seascape 2

Scotland is a place of rich culture and dramatic landscapes. The best times to visit are between May and September when the days are longer.

Orkney is a place where you find nature, peace, space and sky. It consists of 72 islands to the north of mainland Scotland. The weather can change through all the seasons in one day.

Farming Fishing The Orkney Islands provide rich soil for farming and sea for fishing. These along with tourism are the main activities for its people.

Landscapes and Seascapes There are great big skies, a beautiful farming landscape and the sea, to inspire and stimulate the imagination.

Artists The Islands are home to many artists, musicians, writers, poets, story- tellers and crafts people. There is a rich culture and thriving community spirit.

Festivals Music is alive in Orkney, there is The Orkney Folk Festival, Stromness, in May and The St Magnus Festival, Kirkwall, in June. The renowned Science Festival in September attracts visitors from all over the world.

Archaeology Archeologists come to Orkney for many wonderful examples of its ancient cultures. There are many fascinating sites to visit including Brochs and Standing Stones. Important new sites are frequently being discovered.

Wildlife Orkney is home of many endangered bird species including Terns, Fulmars, Skuas and Puffins. Both common and grey seal breed here, with dolphins and whales, e.g. Orca, being often sighted.

Green Energy Orkney is beginning to realise its great potential to harness the power of wind and wave in the age of peak oil and climate change.

Farm Land, Sea Cliffs and Beaches from Wheems Farm

South Ronaldsay is the nearest of the Orkney Islands to Scotland, 6.5 miles across the Pentland Firth. South Ronaldsay is connected to Mainland Orkney over 4 causeways - the Churchhill Barriers. Wheems Farm is 2 miles from St Margaret's Hope, a village with sheltered bay, arts and crafts shop and gallery, public houses, shops and restaurants. Local amenities include horse-riding, tennis court, and golf course and boat trips to Swona.